One of my favourite projects to crochet are blankets. For a long time I have admired crochet hexagons and always knew that one day I would like to make a throw with this shape, the only thing that stopped me was too much choice, I found it so difficult to choose a pattern, I had two criteria, it must be flowery and it must be joined as you go.

As well as being flower based and join as you go, I also wanted something that would be suitable for using my growing amount of Stylecraft Special DK scraps, I can’t afford to go and but a lot of yarn at the moment so I’m trying to use up my very modest stash. I have no sense of colour and most of the scrap colours are bright and in your face so whilst I wanted random colours selections, I also wanted some sort of sequence,so for the last few months I have been scouring my books, blogs and of course Ravelry for that perfect hexagon that fits all my wants and needs.

I managed to whittle dozens of patterns down to just two, the African Flower Hexagon and the Puffed Daisy Hexagon. Both are free patterns, both would allow me to work the centre in random colours with a same colour border to tone down the brightness of some of my colours. I settled on the Puffed Daisy Hexagon and based my decision on the fact that Ravelry is full of African Flower projects and not so many Puffed Daisy ones, I like to be different like that 🙂

So pattern sorted, centre yarn sorted I now needed to choose a colour for the border, I had to include purple as that is my Daughters favourite colour and the odds are she will claim the blanket, I popped to my local Factory Shop to see what they had and chose a light purple and a dark purple, I was worried about how these would clash with the bright centres so decided to pick up a few balls of black, anything goes with black, right?

So with everything I need and my new KnitPro hook (4mm)  I got to work, I decided to work the outer rows in black, light purple, black, dark purple, black, light purple, black as the two purples didn’t sit quite right together. I’m hoping to end with all the hexagons on the outer edges having a black border, to make the actual blanket edging more dramatic.

The pattern itself is well written and easy to follow, I copied it out wrong and had to pull out my first hexagon several times but that’s me being an idiot as usual, after two hexagons I have the pattern memorised, I have discovered that my flowers wont be as random as I hoped, some of my scrappy skeins are quite a bit bigger than the others so there will be many more of those coloured petals, I am going to have to space them out so as I don’t end up with them all in one place, being able to work the flowers separately really helps with this. I’m also crocheting over the ends as I work to make the dreaded weaving in process at the end a little faster. I’m very happy with my work so far, what do you think?


I would love to see your hexagon projects so feel free to leave links etc in the comments.


Simply Crochet Issue 6.

The postman brought a nice surp along with the many bills last Friday, issue 6 of my favourite magazine, Simply Crochet. It should be on the shelves on the 31st of May I believe and is priced at £4.99. I subscribe now but I have seen copies in Tesco and Sainsburies. I have had a good look through so thought I would share my thoughts.


The free gift this month is a pack of 6 button pattern cards, not something I will likely use but they are cute and a nice addition to my pattern collection.


With 27 patterns in this Issue I had high hopes that I would be wanting to hook lots of things so I abandoned my cleaning, made a coffee and ripped open the packaging.

The first few pages has the usual bits of crafty gossip and dates for the diary, I wish some of these events were closer to where I lived, they sound like fun. Other articles include yarn swift reviews, yarn reviews, an interview with Wink, and a great feature on WoolHouse, which is the magazine states is the Campaign For Wool’s biggest project yet. Plenty of Inspiration to be drawn from those, we also have the regular notebook contribution from Jane Crawfoot. There is also a piece on tapestry crochet which is a technique I’ve not yet tried so I look forward to having a go (I’ve still not tried last months broomstick technique yet but shhhhh)

There is a great mix of patterns, with a whole section dedicated to Laundry Day featuring patterns for a Landry Bag, Basket Liner, Coat Hanger Cover, Peg Bag and Lacy Socks.  If you like crocheting garments then the Fringe Festival Shawl by Bergere de France or the Think Pink t-shirt (also published in Rowan’s Knit & Crochet Magazine 53) by Rowan may be a great project for you, amongst these bigger projects we also have a couple of blanket patterns and the quick makes, my favourites include the Birdhouse Bunting, the Mini Heart Motif, the Butter Soft Cowl and the irresistible Deer Toy.



I would recommend this issue as there is great variety of projects, the articles and reviews also make a good read. There are a few projects that I know I will certainly have a bash at but the Lacy Socks from the laundry day feature really caught my eye.


I have never crocheted socks but have been very keen to for a while and this pattern looked like a great beginner project, I decided to have a practice run and used some DK yarn that I had lying around,  I’m not happy with my colour choices (I ended up using two shades as I ran out of the original yarn grrrr), nor the thickness of the sock but the pattern itself is simple, apart from the heel instructions.



When I make the real thing I’ll not use DK as the pattern suggests and I will use much a much elegant colour. I tried to get a shot that didn’t make my feet look like boats, I don’t think I succeeded. I’ll use these as bed socks. What do you think?

Do you buy Simply Crochet Magazine? I’d love to see any completed projects.


Patterns For Pooches – Book Review.

Patterns for Pooches is a collection of crochet projects for dogs, written by Anne Burton. Published in 2013 by NewHolland Publishers and priced at £12.99. ISBN 9781742572550, I checked this book out of the library out of curiosity more than anything else, I have no desire to make anything for my dog, or for any animal but I’m fully aware that there are many people out there who do enjoy creating for their pets, if you are one of those people you will love this book.


To begin with, the book gives information on the basic crochet stitches, and some very useful info on sizing and measurements for different breeds of dogs.

There are 24 crochet patterns in the book, divided into the catergories hats, accesories and sweaters, there is also another chapter which features sewing in the projects containing another 9 projects, for £12.99 that is impressive. The patterns contain both USandUK terminology in the instructions which looks confusing, each row begins with dc/sc followed by the number of stitches, just my opinion but I think the pattern would look a lot neater if one terminology was used and a note put in the introduction explaining this.

Even more confusingly, there are several shots of yarn scattered throughout the book with knitting needles stuck in the skein, and one with a knitted swatch still on the needles, I would understand this if there were knitting patterns in the book, but it is exclusivley crochet, call me fussy but I would think it slightly misleading, if I was flicking through the book on a store shelf and saw the knitting shots then I would assume there were knitted patterns in the book.

The projects themselves look fun, and are well photographed and there are plenty to choose from, below are just some of my faves.




As I said at the beginning I have no intention of crocheting for my dog, but I really do appreciate this collection and think some awesome talent has gone into these designs, and the dogs look super cute. My friend would love this book as she pampers her pooch, and I can see it being really popular with dog owners. Other than the knitting photography I cant fault this book at all, its well worth the price tag.


Lets get Crafting Knit And Crochet Issue 51.

The 17th May saw issue 51 of Lets Get Crafting hit the store shelves, it caught me off guard as it seems like only a few days ago I purchased Issue 50. Time really does fly!


Issue 51 is priced at the usual £7.99 and is available in many Supermarkets (I get mine from Morrisons usually). To be really honest, I was very tempted just to leave it on the shelves this month as nothing on the front cover attracted me and the free yarn shades were really not my usual type of colours, but I know what I am like and I would have got this mag at some point so why delay the inevitable?

Issue 51 is holiday themed and comes with a 5.50mm ( dunno why the mag says 5mm) alliminium hook and a pair of 3.5mm bamboo knitting needles, some pink ribbon and six balls of seaside yarn, in shades described as “rainbow colours”. I love the knitting needles, I have no idea what they are like to actually knit with but the look of them pleases me and I keep every pair in a jar on display.


We have nine crochet projects and nine knit projects to choose from, including Summer Top, Girl’s Sarong, Passport Pouches and a Rainbow Blanket.





Much like last months issue none of the crochet projects inspire me greatly but I am pleased to see a few different techniques in the patterns, I may have an attempt at the SummerTop as I have always wanted to have a try at Broomstick Lace, but there is no way I would actually wear, not in the shades provided anyway. I much prefer the knitting projects, especially the shoal pillow, but knitting patterns scare me, I am cosidering dipping my toes into learning but for the time being I feel safer sticking to what I know.

There are a few articles to keep you entertainet with your cuppa, including an interesting peice by Amy Herzog, (Author of Fit To Flatter) on how she would like to make women feel better about their bodies, and a feature containing some useful tips on finishing. there are also the usual basic knit and crochet instructions. I may not plan to make anything from this issue but the magazine content and info on techniques makes me feel like I have gotten value for my money.

Issue 52 is based around projects for the home, this really interests me and the sneak peek shots look promising.


Cute Creatures To Knit And Crochet. Book Review.


Cute Creatures to Knit and Crochet is a Search Press publication, I loaned a copy from my library but it is available on Amazon and Ebay at varying prices, the cover has $19.95 as the price. This book makes me want to learn to knit. The photography is simple and fuss free so you really get to see the actual project and not a bunch of props.

Suprisingly the first projects in the book are created by using a knitting doll, I bought my Daughter a knitting doll at a local craft fair and after seeing these projects she is keen to have a serious go. I have never seen french knitting projects in these type of books before and I think its a great little addition, as we often wondered what the fabric these dolls produce are for. These little guys are the items she wants to make.


Maybe one day soon I will be showing you all her finished project. The next section of the book features knitted animals, and these are by far my favourites in the book, I love the colours and the simplicity of them, I will learn kntting one day, if only to make the animals from this book. How I wish I recieved these guys when I was a child. These are just a few of my favourites.





Adorable! Then we come to the crochet section, and I have to say I was really looking forward to this part after flicking through the other two sections, sadly I found the crochet part dull, featuring mostly mini keychains, there is only so many keychains a person can have. I dont think they are that cute either, I think my dissappointment may be due to the fact that the crochet versions are very similar to patterns that I can download from Ravelry, for free.  .


  There are ten crochet projects in total and eight of them are keychains. If you plan to buy this book only for the crochet projects then I wouldnt bother

At the rear end of the book we have the instructions, these seem to assume that you are confident in your chosen craft as there are no “how to” guides that you get in many books, so its probably not for a beginner, the knit patterns are mostly grids, which I cant cooment on as Im not a knitter, the crochet instructions are written in American terms with the UK equivalent in brackets.

I would certainly check this out of the library again, but at the moment I would not purchase it based on the crochet projects alone, once I learn to knit I am snapping this baby up. ISBN is 9781844486076 if you want to search online for it.

Stay Crafty xxx


Party Percy – From Knit to Crochet.

I am soooo excited to share todays blog, can you remember a few days ago, I said that I wanted to make Party Percy from Lets Get Crafting Issue 50? My only problem was that he was knitted and I cant knit, so I set myself the task of designing him in crochet, I wanted to get him as close to the original as possible so I used the same colour sequence that was in the original. It took a few days but I finally got there, and I am pretty pleased with my work. Here is a refresher of what the little knitted dude looks like.


The only part that gave me real problems was the trunk, a pink crocheted tube tends to look like a penis, so I spent a lot of time reworking that and cursing but I managed to get something I am happy with. So here he is, my crochet version of Party Percy.



The Original Party Percy was desgned by Amanda Berry, I have contaced her through Ravelry and she is ok about me sharing my pattern, so once I get the go ahead from the magazine I will post the pattern here if people seem interested in it, let me know in the comments or through Ravelry.  More pictures and info on Amanda can be found on my Ravelry projects page here, it is open to public so no need to join (but you should cos its an awesome place)

What has been on your hooks over this glorious weekend?

Stay Crafty xxx


Inside Crochet Issue 41 Review.

Inside Crochet is a UK monthly crochet magazine priced at £4.99, Issue 41 is in the shops now. I purchase my copy at Sainsburies after my local WHSmiths stopped selling it, I believe other branches stock it though.


This was the only crochet magazine I purchased each month, without fail when I first began crochet two years ago. The magazine has changed layouts as well as publishers and ownership in that time, its most recent overhaul is by far the best, I have made a few (small) items from my collection and if I am honest I doubt I will make enough of the projects to justify the cost but my main reason for buying this magazine is for insipration and ambition. I have not yet left my comfort zone of hats, blankets and toys but many of the featured projects make me want to, and one day I will, but for now I am more than happy to drool over the patterns and read the informative articles. Inside Crochet features what I like to call  “grown up crochet” but I have noticed more and more quick projects and amigurumi slipping in (two in this issue).

The theme of Issue 41 is weddings, handmade weddings to be precise. Patterns include bunting, lace bangles,lovers knot shrug but my faveourites from the wedding theme are “the” dress and the cute little amigurmi cake topper.




I would love to make that dress in black, like something Morticia Adams would wear, as well as wedding themed patterns there are also tips and ideas for planning your own handmade wedding. There are plenty of non-wedding themed projects, including babywear, garments and accessories, for those of us who wont be getting hitched or who dont know any upcoming brides. The little girls dress is very cute. (I still want that wedding dress either way)


When I first get my hands on any magazine I like to flick through and glance at the images, so I love how the projects are first shown completed, a bit like a fashion section in other magazines, and then the patterns and further details are toward the back of the magazine, with plenty of features and reviews and other regulars to fill out the 98 pages. Each Issue contains a basic “how to” section with basic stitch instriction. Issue 41 is not the best issue of this publication but it by no means the worst, I wouldnt let the “wedding” theme put you off this issue as the articles and other content make up for it.

Stay Crafty xxx